Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Fun Fold Card

Hi everyone.

Well I have just got home from work, Daisy dog is wagging her tail like a mad thing, trying to say...
"Hello Mum, look it's me, I've been a really good girl today, can I have a treat please?
KitKat (the kitten of course) is sprawled out on the kitchen floor thinking
'What IS that stupid dog up to, chill man!!'
Anyway they are suitably rewarded with a fuss, a treat, and then let loose in the garden for a run. Well Daisy dog bolts out the door, KitKat strolls out more casually, then turns into a mad thing chasing every bug and fly in sight. She then turns her attention to Daisy, deciding to pounce right on top of her head. Best of friends they are, no they really are!!

So anyway...

I make myself a cup of coffee, then it's BLOG TIME. I'm addicted now you see. I just love all you new friends, and I'd just like to say a WHOPPING BIG THANK YOU to each and every one of you who has visited, and a SPECIAL THANKS to all those who have left comments, I really appreciate the feedback and hope you come back. Heather , I'm so glad there is someone near by, we might even get to meet up sometime, I'm really short of crafting friends around me. Thanks for all your sweet comments.

Any way the reason I'm here now, besides looking at all your fantastic blogs to see what I've missed since this morning is.....

So there it is, and not a Tilda in sight, I'm missing them already. But I did set my own challenge, (not to use one) and I like the result. The bubbles are all glittered with crystal glitter, and of course the pink champagne is very sparkly indeed, 'hiccup.'

More soon. Take Care


Debbie xx


Heather (Craftling) said...

"But I did set my own challenge, (not to use one) and I like the result.."

ROFL!! Like your style, girlee! hehe.. Love the card, too! Very effective!

And your welcome for the comments, hun. By the way, did you get my reply to your email? No pressure, just want to make sure you received it, and it hasn't been snaffled by your spam filters?

Heather xx

Anonymous said...

I really like this card, but sit and wonder how I could make one?! I's really a creative card and excellent use of the colors and the message!! Thanks for sharing your creativity.
Denise from Ohio

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