Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Musical Pets

Hi All

Now then,
Heather made reference to 'creations associating songs with pets' on Monday, so I thought I'd just share my thoughts with you. We have three animals at the moment, (besides dear husband and even dearer children).

My son has a four month old kitten. I think the song most suited to her at the moment is Meatloafs
'CAT Out Of Hell'. I mean 'Bat Out Of Hell', or do I??? Cat/Bat there's not much between a 'B' and a 'C' anyway is there? So....she runs around like a mad thing, springing up into thin air for no apparent reason at the most random moments. God only knows whats going through her mind when she does that. So anyway she caught her first bird yesterday (poor thing) and acutally started to devour it. I thought they were supposed to 'play' with them for a bit, then kindly 'let them go on their merry way' :o) Ok, well maybe that's a bit optimistic, but I was well and truly put off my chicken sandwich. I dread to think what she'll bring home when she's all grown up!!! Don't let that cute exterior fool you, she's a devil in disguise.....

Now Daisy dog is a different matter altogether. She's just gorgeous, a true lady, long flowing hair, big brown eyes, cute little nose.

But 'Oh My God', she does have her 'Bad Hair Days'...............

And that's why 'The Lady Is A Tramp'

My daughters pet is a hamster called GUCCI no less. They're both teenagers at the moment. How do I know that......well, obviously I gave birth to the daughter so I know how old she is. As for the hamster, well she has teenage tendencies so she must be. For example she shreds paper and leaves it all over her floor, eats in bed and leaves the crumbs all over the place, and when she's not shredding or eating, she's asleap all day and awake disturbing the peace all night. So her song......'Teenage Rampage' by The Sweet.

Now if those song choices don't show my age I don't know what will!!!

Bye for now

Love Debbie xx


Heather (Craftling) said...

Awww, that's a very cute puss!! 'Sfunny you should mention her killing a bird.. Found evidence in the house this morning of a bird kill.. first in years! It must have been injured or something, as my Tigs is not very spritely any more, bless 'im.

Good choice of music, Debbie!! :o)

Was nice to talk to you, at last! Looking forward to going paper-stroking with you on saturday! :o)

Heather xx

Fabric and Bags said...

What a cute kitty. My little ginner used to bring birds in through the catflap at 4.00 am and plonk them on the bedroom floor - only for them to fly around scared out of their wits - oh joy!
I've awarded you the Brilliant Weblog Award for your text and lovely photos - please go take a look at my blog.
Have a great weekend.
Anne x

Heather (Craftling) said...

Me again.. I got a little something for ya.... HERE

MicHarr216 said...

Very thought provoking (and adorable) posting. I have two cats and two dogs at home but have never really thought of songs to associate with any of them. I will have to give it some thought now.

Debbie said...

Thank you to Heather and Anne who have given my those awards. I thank you for your kind words ladies.

Love Debbie.

P.S. KitKat has had another bird today, a fledgling from the nest in one of our garden shrubs. We rescued it but don't know whether it will survive...probably not..

Love Debbie xx

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