Sunday, 27 July 2008

Whiff Of Joy Guest Designer Call


As all you cardmakers must know by now, Katharina is calling for guest designers to join her. WOW. The closing date is 30th July 2008, and as I have not missed the deadline yet I thought I'd give it a go.

Now...I for every little girl who enjoyed dressing up in mummy's clothes, and I know my sister and I did. I bet you all have your own version of this story!!!
Everytime there was a wedding, the next day we would get out the net's (lace curtains for those not familiar with U.K. terminology), and wrap them around each other, tying a huge bundle around our heads for a veil........Then we would 'make' our brother 'marry' us, much to his disgust. Come on, I bet you've all done it. Putting on Mummy's huge discarded shoes ('click-clack's' my sister and I used to call them, on account of the sound they made. My Mum called them 'winkle pickers') . On other days we'd don hats and handbags, and all manner of old jewellery, gems and beads, (to us they were the crown jewels) and go 'click-clacking' down the street in our own little world. We thought we were princess's.
Anyway the image, called 'Dressing Up Maggie', by 'Sugar Nellie' can be found at 'Funky Kits'. I've chosen it for this card, as it reminds me of those 'dressing up' times with much fondness...'sigh' Now you all must have a picture in your head, does it look anything like this.....

I did a little paper piecing on the hat and bag to tie it in with the background, and because I thought it would be fun. And seeing as I love a bit of bling, I used a gem for the flower on the hat, and red seed beads for the necklace. Now My sister and I were not as colour co-ordinated as this back in those days, but we did have some fun.....and thankfully we don't dress like this anymore!!!! For me the sentiment just summed everything up, 'enjoy the moment', for everyone is special and will never come around again.

I wish Katharina and her design team every success, I'm sure those gorgeous stamps will be snapped up in no time. I know I'll be buying a few. I hope this warrants consideration for your guest designer call, design team, and many thanks for looking.

Love Debbie xx


Heather (Craftling) said...

Ohhhh, Debbie!! This is fabulous! I love everything about it!

Have never seen that wonderful stamped image before, and what a lovely, nostalgic mental image, too! :D

Heather xx

Debbie said...

Hi Heather

This stamp is 'Dressing Up Maggie' from the 'Sugar Nellie' collection at from 'Funky Kits' . And I'm a lover of notalgia, I had a lovely childhood, and will always look back at it with fondness.

I shall edit this post right now to include a link to their site. For anyone else that is wondering where I got it from.

Love Debbie xx

Katharina Frei said...

Thank you for the wonderful entry to my gd call Debbie! And for the lovely words and wishes to my company start :) This is very much appreciated!

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