Friday, 4 July 2008

Independence Day

WOW!! Four posts in one day, I must have gone mad.
Anyway I couldn't let today go by without saying

Myspace Comments - Happy 4th of July

to all our American friends. Lets hear what you guys all do to celebrate on your very important day. We all love to celebrate at some time, tell us all your wonderful stories.

I had to attend a management course (day two). As you can probably guess it wasn't nearly as much fun as you guys will have .....'YAWN'..... But I did manage to get some 'art' work in.....

On page four of my notes handout!!!! I doodled a border around the entire page over the course of the two days. I even had one of my colleagues ask me if I would blow it up for her to paint on her wall. Not very professional I know, but fun nonetheless.

Waiting to hear your Happy Holiday stories!!

Love Debbie xx

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Heather (Craftling) said...

Y'know, you are a gal after my own heart. I was (am still intending to) post a Happy 4th July message yesterday (want to make a card for it to post), but as you'll see from my blog, things went a bit tits up yesterday, and Mr Mojo disappeared on my ass. (sigh)

Loving the doodles!! They would make a great rubberstamp... or even a download... don'tcha think?

Heather xx

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