Saturday, 31 May 2008

Friday Sketchers #4



This is the first challenge I have taken part in, and I hope it meets the required standard. Everybody seems so good at it, that I am a bit overwhelmed by all the talent out there. But great inspitation I must say. I have never worked from a sketch before, but I enjoyed it so much I'm definately going to do it again. I am very pleased with the result.
I used glitter to highlight the swirly background paper which was a download from I thought I would stamp Edwin from Magnolia as the main subject. I normally make pink girly designs, so I thought I would try something different this time. I encorporated the frogs from a Rubbadubbado stamp, as I thought they would go with the whole green boy theme. Hope you like it.

The images were firstly watercoloured using Zig art pens, then given depth by using Twinkling H2O's. Edwins wings were embellished with crystal glitter, to let the subtle colour show through. I then used a single blossom from my new set of Prima Essentials, and glued some tiny seed beads in the centre. I finally highlighted key areas with a Sakura white gell pen.

These are a very small sample of my Prima Essentials blossoms, and this is just one colour blend, I have seven different packs in total. I love them.

Take Care


Thursday, 29 May 2008

Digi-Scrap Attack

Hi All

Well I thought I would just post some of my digital scrapbook layouts for you to see. Of course you could use the ideas and convert them into paper layouts if you wish. I just love playing with digital layouts when I don't want to make too much mess - there's no clearing up.

This is a my favourite photo of my mum and I, several decades ago, I hasten to add.
Sadly for me, she died almost ten years ago.
But I treasure this photo and love the simplicity of this layout.

I love using designs from the 'Scrap Girls' website. Take a look at they do fantastic tutorials too. When I first started I found the information invaluable, it really helped me get to grips with the whole digital thing.

My Beautiful Daughter
I am so fortunate to have such a beautiful, talented daughter. She is so special.
She is almost fifteen and never ever has temper tantrums. How lucky am I?

The guy's at Cottage Arts - - are another favourtie. There are many more on-line stores for supplies, just type digital scrapbooking into a search engine and see what comes up. Let me know what your favourites are.

You can be really inventive.
My son has obviously caught an absolutely gigantic Great White shark in the lake at Drayton Manor.
I'm just not sure how it got there.

Seriously though, Scrapbooking whether paper or digital is so much fun, get the family involved, and actually look at your photo's instead of hiding them away in a cupboard. They are a celebration of you after all.

Take care now and come back soon


Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Hi there everybody,

Just letting you all know I have two weeks vacation now, so plenty of time to craft. I intend to finish my exploding box which has been 'work in progress' for absolutely ages, so do check back and see if I manage to do it...

Lets see what else....

I have been working on some 'Tilda' stamped cards. They are such cute stamps, I just can't resist. Also I've just ordered some 'Prima Essentials 4' blossoms, which I am eagerly waiting to be delivered by my friendly postman. Don't you just love flower embellishments, I can't wait to see them. Mind you, I love them so much I never want to use them in case I can't get them anymore...

The card above was made for my three year old Grandson. It is basically the good old pop-up card, covered with Tigger scrapbooking paper. To make it a little bit more interesting, I cut a thin strip of acetate, which I then stuck to the back of the card, (you can just see it at the top), I then cut out a figure '3' which I stuck on the other end of the acetate strip. When the card is standing up, the '3' dangles over the front, and sways in the wind, which makes it a bit more interesting for a three year old. The box was made in the same paper to co-ordinate. Try it yourself and let me know how you got on.

Don't forget to check back in a few days, to see how I'm filling my vacation time ok.....

Take care everyone, and see you later


Monday, 19 May 2008

Tilda Wall Plaque

Just thought I would post this wall plaque I made for the birthday of a little girl I know. I used my Cricut Expression machine to cut the letters. It's so much easier and a darn sight quicker than cutting by hand. Recommended for anyone who likes to cut intricate shapes regularly. I added the cute little Tilda stamp, and some flowers and gems for an extra girly feel.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

The Kittens Have Left The Building

Well the kittens have now gone off to their new homes, and sadness looms over the household. But we'll try not to dwell on it too much. We have managed to hold on to one of them though.

This week I have hired a cartridge for my Cricut Expressions, called Tags Bags Boxes and more. I'm having a go at making some teriffic gift boxes and little purses. I managed to get some Tilda stamps also, so I am in the process of making some cards with them. I love them and there are many sites out there which will give inspiration.

I managed to get the hang of the slideshows, and have now posted one on this blog. I will add to it as I expand my portfolio.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Adorable Kitty Cats

I have just had my new wardrode delivered, I am so excited. I have lived in my house for thirteen years, and never had my bedroom decorated. Mind you it was a new house when I moved in, so I didn't really need to do anything. I'm so excited, I'm going to decorate it during the next bank holiday, so there'll not be much card making done during that weekend. I might do a scrapbook page when it's done though.

My little kittens are going to new homes next week, just as they are beginning to get interesting. They're chasing each other around and around, keeping the dog busy trying to catch them. This is a very quick scrapbook page of them. We are going to keep one of them. I'll be really sorry to see them go, but we have to be practical now, don't we? I would have liked to take some film of them before they went, I've still go a week so maybe I will.

Monday, 5 May 2008


Success, found out how to add images, just need to master the slide shows so I can fit more on the page. Hope you enjoy this accordian card I made last year for my very special Aunt.

Bank Holiday Blues

Instead of making the long hot trip over the the coast with the rest of the UK, I decided to stay at home. But what would I do instead?
Well there's housework, entertaining the children, taking the dog for a walk, catching up on some correspondence or maybe some crafting. Well after hours of browsing the internet for inspiration, and setting up this blogspot, which I hope gets some visitors that will leave comments....just to be sure everything is working ok and my cat climbing all over the keyboard hoping I will not neglect to feed her. I have decided to do a little crafting. I think I'll make a few cards...100000000000000000000000000000. OOPS that's the cat again, I'd better feed her now, and craft later when her stomach is full....

Hi from the Pink Poppy Craft Box

Just saying Hi to everyone who passes. I'm hoping to learn as I go along. I'm a keen crafter and will bring samples of my work to show you once I figure out how to do it!!!

Card Slideshow

Digital Scrapping


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