Sunday, 12 October 2008

Autumn Splendour

Hi All

Autumn for me is the time of the year I like the least. It signals the end of the long summer nights I enjoy so much, instead bringing the reminder that cold winter nights are not far away. I don't actually mind winter so much, but autumn is the bit in between, that doesn't seem to mean much. I always get down in the dumps. However, I've just been messing around with my digital files, and I came across this digital layout I created a couple of years ago.

The photo was taken at my local park, just as the leaves started to fall from the trees. It seems such a tranquil image, and the quote reminds me what autum is all about.......

As the last of the summer sun fades into distant memories, and the rich colours of autumn come alive, I can remember the things I do like about autumn.....

  • The firey oranges and reds of the leaves on the trees in all their glory. Soon to fall from their branches and be scrunched underfoot. The fruits of the Horse Chestnut trees falling to the ground splitting open their spikey protective casings. Children gathering them to play conkers in the playgrounds.
  • The squirrels busily gathering their winter feast to hoard it away in some secret hole. The birds flying off to warmer climates not returning until the warmth of the spring beckons them home.
  • Misty mornings, and dewy spider webs. Warm breath in the cold air as the children make their way to school dressed in cosy coats, hats, scarves and gloves.
  • Halloween pumpkins lovingly carved, and left to light the way for children trick or treating. Screams of delight as children dressed up as ghosts and ghouls, carry lanterns and bags to hold all the treats they collect.
  • Bonfires, fireworks, toffee apples, and baked potatoes as Guy Fawkes is remembered on November 5th. The Ooooo's and Aaahhhh's when the explosive rockets shoot their way up into the night sky to explode in a myriad of glittery stars.
  • The shops displaying their Christmas goodies, as a constant reminder that there is celebration just around the corner.

Maybe I don't dislike autumn as much as I thought I did.

What do you think of autumn????


Desire Fourie said...

Well, I am definitely a winter person ... just love to snuggle up in winter. And of course autumn with its beautiful orange/rusty hues signals that winter is just around the corner. Warm regards

All Pink girl said...

Wow Debbie this is stunning fabulous layout ,Dawnxx

Christine (Craftling) said...

Ohh, Debbie, that layout is gorgeous, and what a treat to read about the things you like about Autumn. Have said it before, and will say it again, I love your style of prose.

As for what I like about Autumn, all of the above, lol! But it's a very nostalgic time for me. I have been greatly blessed to share several Thanksgivings with different American families, both here and in the US, and I just LOVED those times! They were possibly the happiest memories I have, and I dream of repeating the experience some day. Autumn for me brings back those memories and stirs those dreams every year.

God bless America. Especially now.

Chris xx

Lynsey said...

Hi Debbie
I love the scrapbook page and its quote and also your writing about Autumn! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts you are a very creative writer.
Hope you are well.
Hugs Lynsey :)

Paula's ponderings said...

I love autumn, the colours are beautiful and co ordinate beautifully with my hair!! LOL This morning I drove from Long Sutton to King's Lynn, the mist was hovering in a soft layer in the fields and the sun was wrapped in whispy clouds, the air was fresh and the trees silhouetted against a huge quietly waking sky...just lovely

Rach said...

awww Debbie what a lovely post, love your layout and the words you have written are brilliant...a very nice reminder of the nice things of Autumn..thanks for sharing sweetie.. .xxx

Debbie said...

Oh Paula

What a lovely image your words conjour up. Just beautiful

Love Debbie xx

Sassy Crafts said...

Gorgeous layout. I'm a summer girl myself but do like a proper Autumn day (what ever that is these Thanks for your comment on my blog. x

Roz said...

I love Autumn and Winter the best!! Although I do still like being able to have a stroll by the river on a warm spring/summer day/evening... But I LOVE the dark nights, drawing the curtains and putting on the lamps... extra throws on the beds, snuggling up with my other half under a crocheted blanket of mine on the settee (and what with the credit crunch and the price of gas nowadays, lol). I love the cold crisp mornings and seeing your breath in the air. I love the shops filling up with Christmas goodies... I love the twinkling lights of Christmas.. oh blimey, perhaps I need to post all of this on my own blog!! LOL!

Love Roz x

Roz said...


I loved your layout as well!!! OOps, forgot to mention it, lol.

Bagladee said...

Hi Debbie, You've won an award. Check out my blog to see. x

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