Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Welcome Home Louis

Well our very own Olympic hero returned home last night, bronze medal gymnast Louis Smith. It was Team GB's first gymnastics medal in 80 years and the first for a British individual in a century. And Louis is still only nineteen.

Louis Smith showing off his bronze medal outside his house.

Louis is also seen with my son Jordan and friend Polly bottom left

and my daughter Sophie bottom right.

We have known Louis and his brother Leon and mum Elaine for 15 years. My two eldest son's used to 'hang around' with Leon and are still friends, although they don't see as much of each other now they've grown up. They remember Louis as being Leon's little kid brother who just would not sit still. Now we can see where he channelled all that energy
Louis received a warm welcome home from the residents living in the street he has grown up in. We had waited about 90 minutes out on the street, and by the time Louis arrived home it was dark. The children had been helping decorate the street union jacks and balloons all afternoon. We made a real effort to decorate our own house too as you can see from the photo. We wanted to make sure that Louis got the welcome home he deserved. It was a magical moment, that relatively few towns across Great Britain would see, and we were there!!! (screaming excitement)
We are all proud of Team GB, including those who were not lucky enough to win medals. We are honoured to have them represent our great country. Louis himself is so inspiring, putting in an awful lot of hard work and dedication to get to Olympic level standard, and has secured himself a place in the history books. Not many of us can boast that at nineteen.
We have had the local television news crews in the street today, it's really been a great time I'm sure we'll all remember for a long time yet. The only thing to add to that is .......Keep watching this boy, and look towards 2012.
Just in case you're in any doubt, this is the routine that won him the Olympic Bronze Medal:



Christine (Craftling) said...

What a great post, Debbie! One to treasure! He did so well!! Shame the local BBC news called him Louis Hamilton!!! He took it well, though! ;o)

Wishing him even greater success in 2012!

Thanks for sharing that bit of news with us.

Chris xx

Lynsey said...

Hi Debbie
I saw Louis on the news and thought of you! How exciting to know a medal winner!
Lynsey :)

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