Saturday, 2 August 2008

Help me!!!!!

Hi there

I'm hoping that somebody out there in Blogland can help me. I have been asked to make a 70th birthday card for somebody's mother. My customer has asked me to put some kind of verse or sentiment inside. That's where you come in.....
I'm appealing to anyone who has ideas on this. Words can be a very personal thing, and I'm looking to give her a list of sentiments/verses so she can choose one for herself. If you can help with this, please either e-mail me, or leave a message with a link. My deadline is 8th August.
Many thanks.



Hazel said...

Hi Debbie, I hope this helps you out: . Sorry I haven't made it into a link, but I have forgotten how! It's 2peas' pea soup section, which has thousands of poems. Some are quite cheesy, but there are some lovely ones, too. Thanks for visiting my blog, I do love yours, also your new bright look!

jiminy japes said...

Bebbie. If you go to they have tons of verses for all occasions. Hope tis helps!

Debbie said...

Thanks ladies soooo much

I really appreciate it, I've had a look at both sites, and they are very helpful. I'm sure I can find something suitable.

If anyone has anymore ideas keep them coming I will put links on my blog for other visitors who might be looking for something similar.

Love Debbie xx

Paula's ponderings said...

Hope they help a bit!!

By the way MIGHT be popping into Calico Crafts sometime on to go to Addenbrookes and seeing as Roz has dared to go on holiday, we're going there instead!!

Heather (Craftling) said...

Hi, Debbie.. Have emailed you an idea... The 'Warning' poem by Jenny Joseph. (When I am old, I shall wear purple.. etc) :o)

Heather xx

Debbie said...

Thanks Paula & Heather

I'm getting plenty of info, it's all very useful.

Have a great time at Calico Crafts Paula. Don't forgrt to check out Capture The Magic while you're there too. It's on the same site.

Love Debbie.

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