Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Corey Convict

Sometimes ideas come from the most unusual sources. Take my twelve year old son, Jordan. When he came in with his friend Pollyanna and said he was bored this afternoon, I was in the middle of a craft session. So I thought I'd get them involved. I stamped out some Magnolia images for them on plain white copy paper, gave them my watercolour pencils, and let them get on with it.
Now Both Pollyanna and Jordan have always complained that Tilda and Edwin had no mouths. They can't think of a human figure without somewhere to stuff food into or make a noise from. So they began to draw mouth's on all the figures I'd stamped out for them. So there they were expressing themselves artistically.

When I looked in on them some half an hour later. Pollyanna had coloured some lovely little Tilda's all girly, but Jordan had gone a bit further:
He'd made cute little Edwin into a punk-haired convict complete with tattoos called Corey. Now psychiatrists do say that children express their true feelings through art. I do hope he's not trying to tell me something (GULP).



Jo said...

'Corey' looks brilliant! wtg Jordan! *claps*

Roz said...

Love it!!!!!! Well done Jordon!

Christine (Craftling) said...

ROFL!! This is just GREAT!! I LOVE Corey Convict! I can't imagine what occassion card you could make with him, but he just HAS to be used for something!! lol ;o)

Chris xx

Shary said...

:0) this made me chuckle. He looks great!!

Lynsey said...

Hi Debbie
This is really funny!
Hugs Lynsey :)

Paula's ponderings said...

Brilliant Jordan...I think they actually look better with a mouth, you can choose their mood! Love the hair that brings back memories, thankfully the clothes dont!!

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