Sunday, 10 August 2008

Holly's Kitten


I've just hopped over to Holly's blog and spotted some photo's of her little kitten. As my son's cat had some kittens and one was very similar to Holly's kitten, I told Holly that I would post a photo on my blog so she could see if she wants to.
So this one is especially for you Holly. This kitten is called Smudge and he liiks a bit like your kitten. He is now living in a new home. I took this photo when he was still living in our house with his mummy.
Your kitten is very cute and sweet, and I love the cards you made to show us.


1 comment:

Holly said...

Awwww Debbie the kitten is gorgeous i love him, we were going to call our kitten smudge but my mam wanted to call him cleo but i like smudge the best lol me and my sister are trying to get my mam to change her mind.
thank you for posting a picture for me :)
there is something for you on my blog and i hope you dont mind but i have added you to my favourite blogs
Holly xx

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