Monday, 4 August 2008

New Photo


Those of you who visit often will notice that I have made yet another change to my blog, namely my photo. And like many others I just hate having it taken. The reason, well inside I am still a 21 year old beautiful young girl, with a firm breasts, a tiny waist, gorgeous long legs, and a blemish free face. Unfortunately my camera takes rubbish photo's and I always come out looking like a haggered old woman with tram lines all over my face, uneven eyes, saggy boobs, not that you can see them on this photo, and Dunlop tyres where my waist used to be.
I guess I'm getting older, but don't really feel like I should be. While there's no substitute for the experience that I've gained throughout my 48 years, I wish Mother Nature had been a little kinder to my body. As it was, it almost seemed as if I just woke up one day and this is what I saw looking back at me in the bathroom mirror. I don't remember any warning signs telling me to slow down or anything, and I don't suppose five children helped either, but I love them all and don't regret a thing.



Kazan Clark said...

Hi Debbie - Pleased to me you. I personally love the picture :) I need to update mine too and am going through the same issues - but I am 38 :) I think no matter what the age - if you are not in your 20's you feel the way we do ;)
Have an awesome day
Take care

Heather (Craftling) said...

Well, as Dolly parton said in one of my favourite movies, "Steel Magnolias", "Time marches on, honey.. and one day, you realise it's marching all over your face!"

BUT... Time to set the record straight, mrs, for the benefit of everyone else reading this post. As I have met you, I feel I can speak from a position of knowledge and authority.

First of all, that photo does NOT do you justice at all. You are MUCH, MUCH prettier than that, and I think you must have overlaid it with a cobweb or something, because I didn't see those lines!

Also, people, please be aware that Debbie has a LOVELY figure, and looks great. Not a Dunlop tyre in sight!!


Heather xx

All Pink girl said...

Wow babe you look fabulous ,i hope i look as good as you when i am your age xxxxhugs Dawnxxx

Lynsey said...

Hi Debbie
Your photo is fine, you have nothing to worry about! I would rather not have lines around my eyes but I think the most important thing is to be happy. What are a few little imperfections amongest friends!
Lynsey :)

Debbie said...

Thanks for those kind words ladies. I think you are being a tad over generous though Heather. I really don't need buttering up to take you out again you know;o)
Anyway the photo will do for now, but I might do a smaller one next time do you can't see it so well hehe.

Take care

Debbie xx

Paula's ponderings said...

Pooey Debbie you're gorgeous and dont tell yourself otherwise!! Life is for living and with that living comes character and that is what we see you're lovely caring character, your spirit and your sparkle. Saying that, Im 49 and know EXACTLY how you xx
ps never made it to Soham yesterday MRI took longer than expected :( x

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