Thursday, 21 August 2008

Holiday Imminent

Can't wait, my holiday from work (both jobs) is just around the corner. All I have to do is work this evening, and again tomorrow evening, then YIPPEEEEEEE....two whole weeks off. Relaxation at last.......
My husband is planning to take it easy too, but little does he know I have other plans in store for him. (DIY.... he'll be thrilled)
Me I plan to do a lot more crafting and blogging, joining in a lot more challenges, and have a bit of an experimental time with things I've wanted to try for ages. I'm hoping to catch up on a couple of friends too (CHRIS & craftroom...hint, hint).
Anyway tune in after tomorrow and I promise I'll have something crafty to show you.
But for now......WORK CALLING sigh!!!


Christine (Craftling) said...

yawn.. stretch... hmmm? Did somebody call my name?? ;o)

hehe... kettle's on, hun... ready when you are! :o)

Actually, I have a project on that I will be starting tomorrow for my daughter's 28th birthday (28!!!!! Nooooo!! I can't POSSIBLY have a 28 year old child!!).. Anyway, I need to leave the weekend clear for that, as I will be have to have it ready to post on Tuesday. But any time after that would be great! :o)

I am hoping to have a few pennies to spend early Sept (Noooo!! We can't be there already!!! I think time is passing me by!) AND I have to go and take that big punch I bought back to Calico Crafts (it jammed before I put any paper in it! sigh)... so coffee at mine next week, followed by a trip to Soham a couple of weeks after that, possibly? Does that work for you? (Don't feel tied to me if you have to go sooner. There may be something you NEEEEEEDDDD!!!)

I'm going to shut up now.

Chris xx

Lynsey said...

Hi Debbie
So pleased to hear you have your holiday time coming up.
I look forward to seeing all your crafty creations!
Hugs Lynsey :)

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