Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sweet Sammy

Hi all
After my disaster with loosing so many files when I had to restore my pc, I've been on a voyage of re-discovery with photo's I have backed up.
Amongst them I found this photo of our beloved Golden Retriever Sam, who sadly is no longer with us. We had Sam from a twelve week old puppy, and he died at the grand old age of 13 years, three years ago. It was a very sad day when we lost him, and I can only hope he is somewhere up above bounding through grassy fields full of happiness, without the pain of aching old bones. God Bless you Sammy.



Mina said...

such a beautiful photo of Sam Debbie...Im sure your right about him bounding through grassy fields xxx

Roz said...

Aww, he looks SO much like our Golden Retriever, Abby!!! They could almost be related, lol. She's 9 and recovering from a breast lump removal. She loved the snow!

Love Roz

Bev said...

I'm sure he's lollomping around the Bridge with all our beloved babies that we miss so much. I know my Bonnie is waiting there for us. It's a fabulous photo Debbie, he has the sweetest, gentle expression on his face

hugs Bev x

Desire Fourie said...

Its amazing how photos can jolt back those memories. Hugs from Desire

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