Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Freinds Award

Hi Friends
Paula has given me this fabulously colourful friends award. Thanks Paula, I'm honoured. In turn I am passing this on to all those who have made my blogging experience such a delight. All those who have helped me in some way. And to all those that are still there listening to me when they've really got better things to do. I am truly humbled, and glad I have friends like you, albeit from a distance.
In addition I would like to name a few people that I owe a great deal of thanks to...
Lynsey - You are always there with a kind word come rain or shine. For sending me such nice surprises when I'm down in the dumps. You really cheer me up, and I still hope we can meet up one day, seeing as we're in the same part of the country.
Rach - You are a a craft goddess, but still make time for us lesser mortals. Thank you for all your help, past, present, and God willing future too.
Bev - An inspiration to us all. For kind words, and motivating me to do better.
If you've already got this award, how lucky you are, and deserving too.
Thank you all for making this blogging lark such a positive experience. I never for one moment thought that I would get hooked. I'm now an addict.....Does that mean I have to go to 'Blogging Anonymous'???
I love you all....



Rach said...

thank you so much Debbie for the award and for the lovely kind words, though i don't feel that anyone is a lesser morsal..lol.. you are wonderful and as equally creative as the nest person. sending this award right back at you hun.. you are so sweet and always leave me wonderful comments that make me strive to try harder..thanks for being you hun.xx..

Lynsey said...

Hi Debbie
Thank you so much for this award, this is just what I needed as I'm not having a good week. My nan died yesterday at Peterborough hospital, she only went in Sunday night so feeling very down.

Hugs Lynsey :(

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