Sunday, 15 February 2009

People Who Need Babysitter's Shoudn't Go Out.

Hello everyone.

Well you might be wondering what my surprise was for Valentines day, and you might also be intrigued by the title of this post. Well you need to read the story, which incidently has also been emailed out to our local newspaper this afternoon.
People Who Need Babysitters Shoudn't Go Out.....That is according to one of the employees of the Taj Mahal in Lincoln Road Peterborough.

Now I don't go out much, but last night my Husband, Son and future Daughter-in-Law arranged a surprise meal for me at this restuarant. The evening turned out to be a complete disaster.

We waited two hours for our food, which only came after we complained twice. (My husband never complain's, he is the most forgiving, placid person I know, but on this occasion he did, and I was totally shocked). During the wait we were never asked if we wanted another drink, we were never apologised to for the wait, we were just ignored, along with other people in the restuarant who were also waiting.

More people came in, and we saw poppadoms and drinks being taken to tables, but rarely any other food. When our food finally came, my Sons fiancee had the wrong dish, and my food was only just luke warm. The waiter did come out and admit he'd given Jess the wrong dish, and replaced it with what she had ordered. I didn't complain that mine was just warm, by this time I was so hungry I just wanted to eat.

Whilst we ate, three other tables walked out before they got their food, disgusted at the lack of service. We were joking with them, saying that they hadn't waited long enough yet. By then there was quite a bit of banter going on between us and the other tables in the vicinity.

After we'd eaten one of the waiters came to clear our table and asked if we wanted coffee. We said no, we couldn't wait another hour, he responded saying "Two hours"

Again we waited and waited for the bill but no-one came. The table next to us who had by then been waiting for two hours began to complain too, other people who came in after them had been served already. I'm surprised they waited so long before they said anything. The 'waiter' said that he didn't know he was only the delivery driver and had been out for the last two hours, then as an after thought said he would go and find out.

We finally went to the reception and asked for our bill. My son's fiancee asked them to take the drinks off the bill, (we had only had one each) as a goodwill gesture. The waiter looked puzzled, and my sons fiancee responded asking if they were going to pay her babysitter for the extra time due to the wait. His reply.....


We were disgusted at this remark, what happened to the old addage 'The customer is always right'.

Anyway I'll leave you to make your own minds up on what you think to this, but we will certainly not be recommending this restuarant to anyone in the future and I would imagine that none of the other diners will.



Paula's ponderings said...

what a nightmare! Judging by the way you and the other diners were treated I doubt if they will be in business for long! How absolutely rude and senseless his remark was! I hope he's not married with children...can you imagine?? Should get Gordon Ramsey in there..that would shake them up! I'm sorry your evening was a disaster but at least you were with your loved ones and one day you will look back and laugh...hopefully.

Lynsey said...

Oh dear Debbie! Sorry to hear your night turned out to be such a disaster! Its such a shame when you don't get the opportunity to go out very often.
Hugs Lynsey:)

Rach said...

Debbie that is awful not only the way you were treated but to be given such a curt and rude answer!!!
oh babes i am so sorry that you had such an awful experience, when you were suppose to be having a lovely evening out with your loved ones...
can't see as they are going to be in business for very much

Oma said...

This is horrendous and totally inexcusable! I'm sorry that you had to endure this. I would have walked out long before.

I had a similar incident happen to me. Got the food ok and it was good. Waited and waited for our bill and told 3 different waiters (our waitress was on her break) that we wanted to pay and leave. No one bothered getting a bill to us so we finally just up and left! I was at the restaurant with my daughter - my son and hubby were at a Beaver's father and son dinner and had to be picked up by me. As it was, they waited for almost an hour for me to come get them. Hubby was very concerned as he thought I had been in an an accident. This incident occurred long before cell phones had been invented.

Michelle said...

What a horrible evening and what an absolutely wretched thing for the waiter to say. Just because you have children does not mean that you should not have a life. Spread the word far and wide about the total lack of service at that restaurant and with any luck they will be closing down in no time.

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