Monday, 9 February 2009



I do so enjoy bloghopping, and since I am busy working most of the week, I do like to relax at the weekend by catching up on my favourite blogs. It's the enjoyment of having a little bit of time to myself.
Our three month old kitten Cleo also enjoys browsing the blogging land. You know when you move your mouse, the little pointy arrow thing move's about your screen...well she loves to follows it with her head. She can't watch from it from a distance though, she has to sit two inches away from the screen. Most inconvenient for me, as I'm dodging my head about so I can get a look too.

Why not move her you may ask...well the persistance of a cat is well known, what's that saying...
There's nothing quite as stubborn as a cat.
She just gives me that totally disgusted look, sits right back down again, and dares me to even think about moving her again.



Mina said...

this is such a cute picture xxx

Rach said...

awww bless Debbie!
how could you move such a sweetie even if you wanted...xx

Julie said...

Oh Debbie what a cutie! She looks totally engrossed in your blog page, so that can't be a bad thing !



Bev said...

Way too funny Debby - I can just imagine the look of disgust and disdain! How dare you - the cheek of it lol

hugs Bev x

Desire Fourie said...

Aaaah Cleo is so cute and sure is going to be one serious blogger. Hugs from Desire

Ila said...

Aww...what a Sweetie!! I couldn't bare to move her either!!..your own personal blogging, Ila

Danita said...

Debbie, that is just hilirioius!!! I have 2 fat cats with minds of there own!!! Thanks for sharing that, its an adorable picture!!!

cats whiskers said...

This is so sweet dear Cats do have a mind of their own I am sure mine is half human. Why has it taken me so long to find your wonderful blog dear, there is so much scrummy, clever stuff on here. I am so pleased to have found you and beoma a follower
Hugs and have a great weekend
Jacqui x

Tab said...

Awww what a little cutie hee hee! Just you wait till she's a big cat and wanting to still sit there LOL.....thank goodness dogs are not into doing that, or I would have a real problem with my labby LOL!
Hugs Tab xxx

Bettans pysselblogg said...´nt he the cutest :-)
Just look in at your lovely work!
Wish you a nice weekend and a happy valentine!

Lynsey said...

Great pic Debbie, this made me smile!
Hugs Lynsey:)

Debbie said...

Fab Picture Debbie, Cleo is such a should get a touch screen she can do her own blog hopping then :) lol. Debbie x

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