Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Night Shift Crafting

This week my husband has started to work one in three night-shifts. This means that not only am I having trouble sleeping, but looking on the bright side, it also gives me the opportunity to craft into the 'wee small hours' if I want to. Only don't tell him that, he thinks I do enough already. But of course it now means I can do more hours without neglecting him and he won't even know I am tired in the daytime, because he'll be catching up on his sleep. Win, win all round I say. Seriously though I have been making some cards today, and plan to upload them tomorrow once I have located my camera.

Last night I was looking around at some of the fantastic blogs out there, and came across Ana Wohlfahrt's blog - Ink A Stamp . She is very talented, and there are some wonderful cards on her blog, I recommend you visit. She has used ribbons to great effect, so that's what I've been experimenting with today.

Thanks for all the fantastic comments I've had for the Friday Sketchers #4 challenge, Lots of people have said they love the little frogs. I'ts good to pay attention to the little details and find that they are appreciated by other people.

I've been thinking for sometime of setting up my own craft club. As I live in quite a small village with few facilities, I thought it would be a good idea to take things one step further. I am thinking of starting on a small scale, but have not put any solid plans into place yet. Has anybody out there done any thing similar that they can tell me about? I'd love to know your stories, or just let me know what you think to the idea.

We're off to see 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat' on tour, in Oxford on Thursday. My daughter performed in the Kings Lynn leg of the tour back in Septemer 07. She fell in love with Craig Chalmers who is cast as Joseph, and wanted to see the show from the audience, instead of the stage looking out at the audience. So the treat is really for her, incidently she is planning a career in entertainment when she leaves school, and for the last three years has attended a performing arts school on a Saturday. I've got to save my photos onto disc so I can free up the memory card, just in case we get a photoshoot opportunity, so I'm off to hunt down my camera now.

Take care

Debbie xx

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Heather (Craftling) said...

Hi, again, Debbie.. Yes, I started a craft club when I lived in Ramsey, about five years ago. I'll talk to you about it by email.

Heather xx

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