Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Bloomin' Computers

Hi all, and happy Tuesday.

I seem to be having a few problems with my computer today, blooming thing. Can't seem to run photoshop properly, it keeps freezing on me, don't know why. Don't know if it's too tired with this hot weather we're having, and can't be bothered just like me. But whatever it is, I just wish it would quit playing up, I need to work!!!!
I'm gonna have one more go, and if it doesn't work, I'm going back to the ironing, pooh...



Mina said...

I think its the heat Debbie mine keeps switching itself off because its overheating...needs to put its feet in a bucket of cold water I think lol xxx

Rach said...

hope that you get it sorted soon sweetie, this weather is too hot i think..
thanks for your sweet comments honey. hug srachxx

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