Sunday, 31 May 2009

Talented Britains

Hi everyone and happy Sunday

Well I like many others thought Diversity were the cream of Britains talent yesterday, when they were voted winners of Britains Got Talent. They out-shone all the other acts with their inovative captivating dance routine. I couldn't take my eyes off them and was left wanting more...and that's got to be good. I'm sure they will inspire many youngsters out there on the streets today and make them think that dance does have a place in the youth culture of today, and it can also be cool.

Their dance moves were fantastic, not a foot (or arm) out of place. It was entertaining, skilfull and funny. They hade me smile and have the 'feel good factor', the full package, which I'm sure will be a great asset to The Royal Variety Show. Hats off to Ashley the choreographer he certainly has got a bright future. I wish them well and I hope they go very, very far.



brenda said...

Totall agree Debbie, the were brilliant, not a wrong move.

Love those dies above, really unusual, need to check them out me thinks.

B x

Kay Carley said...

I wanted Diversity to win too Debbie so was over the moon! They were absolutely fantastic.

Kay xx

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