Saturday, 9 May 2009

I'm A Winner

Hi all and Happy Saturday.

I've been away from challenges for a few days, but I have been kept busy with those wedding invitations. They're all done now, and ready to go out, phew. I have been blogging a little, so kept up to date with what's been going on.

this morning I ran through my favourite's list for updates, and when I got to Scrapperlicious, by Irene Tan, I started to read something familiar:

Debbie said... (that's me)
"Beautiful stamps Irene. Spring for me is the most beautiful time of the year. Living in the UK we have had months of dark, drab, cold days, with rain, frost, snow, fog and wind. I love spring.The fresh green leaves just bursting to see the light of day. The smell of the first cut on the lawn is luschious. The welcome bird song after months of silence. Children playing, their laughter brightens the day. I could go on...I love springtime.Hugs Debbie xx"

That's my entry to Irene's blog candy......and I'VE WON IT. How good is that. Here's what will be winging it's way on to me very shortly:

Irene's design's are amazing, she's always inspiring. There are many techniques she has shared, and is always trying new things. Why not take a look at her blog, it's a real treat, you won't be disappointed.



Bridgette said...

Hello Debbie - Well done on the completion of the invitations - drum roll - and well done again on winning the prize - looking forward to seeing you Tuesday if you can make it - I think I'm right in saying Lou's mum is baking cakes - how kind is that? - Bridgette xxx

Bev said...

Congrats on your win hun x

Crissy Armstrong said...

Thanks for the link and congrats to you for winning!!

Christine (Craftling) said...

Woohoo!! On both counts! lol ;o) I know how satisfying (and what a relief!) it is to complete a big wedding stationery order. Well done.

Congrats on the win, as well. Those stamps look lovely, too. Can't wait to see what you make with them!

Chris xx

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