Monday, 19 January 2009

Doom, Gloom and Awards

Hi all

Since my news about my job, which was bad enough for me. My son, you know the one who's getting married this year has been laid off. So were cutting the cost and counting the pennies for the wedding now. AND my husband is at risk of loosing his job. He's got a meeting this morning so should find out more. And to top it all it 'raining cat's and dog's' so a miserable morning all round really.

On a happier note, I have an award from Bev, so that's cheered me up a bit. It's so nice when people take the time to link up to you by leaving awards don't you think. I must thank all the people who have left such kind comments for me. I really appreciate your time and effort. I love visiting your blogs too, and am grateful for all your support.
Here's the award:

Thanks so much Bev

Here are the rules:
  • Post a link of the person who gave you this award.
  • Nominate 5 other people and give a link to their sites.
  • Let your nominators know that they got an award from you.
  • Put a logo of the award on your blog.

I nominate the following people:

  1. Lynsey, it's my turn to give you an award. I know you've already got this one, but you deserve it. It's a pleasure to visit your blog, I can see how your cardmaking has really grown over the past few months. You visit me everytime I post, and leave such kind comments. I'm hoping some day we can meet up, as you're not too far away from me.
  2. Debbie, also visits me regularly and leaves comments. I'm so humbled, you have a fantastic design talent. I love seeing your creations. You inspire me so much, and everyone else should visit you too.
  3. Desire, you have some amazing photo's, cards, layouts and many other creations on your blog. I love to see all you your stunning work. I'ts so different from other people, and makes a refreshing change. I always love to visit you. You have amazing photo's of Alisha with her umbrella. I only hope that one day I will be half as good as you.
  4. Carole, who I've only recently discovered. Your work definately has that fun element, and is truly 3 dimensional. I love the unique qualities of your creations, your vibrant colours, inspirational projects, you rock girl. I hope you get lots more visitors to see your amazing work.
  5. Flo, another great crafter I discovered via Inspirational. You area amazing. Your creations are so detailed. with so much work in each and every one of them. They are truly stunning works of art. J'aime vos créations Flo.

I would like to say a special thank you to all the contributors, and the team working behind the scenes on Inspirational, without whom I would have never discovered many of the blog's I now love to visit. You are doing a great job bringing us such a variety of talent everyone. THANKS.

There are many more that deserve awards too numerous to mention, you all make blogland the greatest place to be. Thanks to all of you who add links to your favourite blogs to. Your favourites have become my favourites too. I love you all.


I have a card to post later when I've photographed it so see you later, and in the meantime.....
Happy Crafting.



Debbie said...

Thanks for the beautiful award Debbie and for the lovely comments, I really appreciate your kindness and have really brightend up my gloomy day :))
I have been keeping up with your posts on the job seems that there are going to be hard times ahead for us partner stands to loose his job...and I am thinking of downsizing my house as it is just so expensive to run with all the rising fuel costs and I can't work because I have to care for Jack 24/7 :( ...Hey ho...we still have alot to be thankful, friends and good health....and fo course our crafting :)) Debbie x

Desire Fourie said...

Hi Debbie. What an honour to receive this fabulous award from you whose talent I always admire. I am off to upload this fab award. Hugs from Desire

Floliescrap said...

Thank you Debbie, i'm not speak english very well so :
ravie de faire ta connaissance et merci infiniment !

Lynsey said...

Hi Debbie
Thank you so much for this award, it is so kind of you. I'm sorry to hear the news about your son job's and now you have the worry of your hubby's too. I up things improve for your family soon.
It would be lovely to meet up sometime, maybe a little craft shopping sometime?
Hugs Lynsey:)

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