Monday, 17 January 2011

Precious Baby

Hi all

I managed to take a few photo's of my Grandson Harry yesterday. It didn't quite go how I wanted it too, but I got a couple of nice ones.  I prefer to photograph in daylight, but didn't manage to do that, so I got that mean colour cast you get from tungston lights, on top of blurred images from a slow shutter speed.  However. I'm pleased with this shot I'm posting today. 

I used The Coffee Shop actions: Eye Bright and Creamy Chocolate B&W again.  I just love this action, it has a lovely warmth to it.  If you want to know more about The Coffee Shop, I have a link on my side bar.

Now I'm after doing a few more baby shoots in a more artistic style.  I might offer free sessions for newborns to get some practice.  Thanks for taking the time to visit me today. 


1 comment:

Lou said...

Hi! Debbie,your baby Grandson is so very gorgeous and such a lovely photo.
Love too your last photo of your Granddaughter.
Hope you are all well?
Nice if you are not too busy at work now,not that it stops at home!!
take care,see you soon.
hugs Lou.xx

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