Thursday, 13 January 2011

Getting Creative With Photoshop

Hi all hope you are well.

I'm starting to play around a bit more with Photoshop CS2.  I've seen so many lovely photos that have been successfully enhanced using lots of different techniques. 

Recently I came across a blog called The Coffee Shop.   It's run by a lovely and very talented lady called Rita.  Now Rita is also very generous....She writes actions for Photoshop and lets you download them for good is that.

Anyway, as I'd seen so many beautiful shots using her actions I thought I'd try and work through one of them.  I downloaded and installed EYE BRIGHT.  Now I've never used actions before myself, and I can tell you it was not easy to get my head round it at first.  However, now I think I've got it, and can't wait to try more.  I do need a bit more practice with this one, but at least I'm on my way now.  Here's what I did:

As you can see, this action has made quite a dramatic difference to the eyes.  They really POP now.  I've still got a way to go before I really get the best out of it, but I think this is not bad for my first attempt.  If you love photography, and want to learn more about Photoshop, and actions, then check out Rita's blog.

Thanks for tuning in. 



Rach said...

oh wow Debbie that is a fantastic difference, makes the eyes really pop. i would love to be able to take fabby pictures, i have photography books etc.. but i think that you have to have a natural flair for it to start with.. which you have I am going to go and have a look at the link that you have listed as i love to mess around in photoshop, not that i really know what i am doing.. rofl..
thanks for sharing

Daisy Chain said...

Hi Rach...thanks, but I do think you do pretty well yourself too hun, and you do take some fab photo's.

chris said...

Hi Debbie, can I send my eyes round they could do with a bit of a zing, your grandaughter is so very gorgeous.

Nicola said...

Such a difference I am going to pay a visit to this site it sounds fab. Although need to go out and take more photo's.. Hugs Nicola xx

Bridgette said...

Hello, hello - lovely to see you back - I've been following but not commenting, naughty I know - but this photo is just so gorgeous - and yes, you most definitely have the 'nack' for taking super photos - see you soon I hope - Bridgette xxx

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