Friday, 31 July 2009

Retail Therapy Worked

Hi again.

Just to let you all know I had a fun time on my shopping trip, even though it was only in my home town, I still found plenty to buy. I bought two new lenses for my Canon camera, a macro lens so I can take fantastically close shots, and a zoom lens to get shots that are further away. These came in at the princely sum of just over £700, so I'd better look after them. Anyway I'm hoping these additions will give me more scope.
I bought some magazines to help me a bit more with Photoshop. although I can do simple things and create digital scrapbooking layouts too, I don't use it to it's full potential. So with the money spent on my new camera and accessories, I thought it was time to learn a bit more. I want to be more artistic and contemporary with my photography, so lets hope it works.
I also bought a silver bracelet, and a couple of beads, as above. I have heard them called Mango Beads, not sure if this is correct, but I love the idea of having something different. I'm going to add to them as and when I see something I like. I fancy making it all green and pink, with silver, so I guess I'll be looking for something pink now. You could have ton of beads, and make your bracelet up to match your outfit differently every day.
I saw a lovely lime green handbag, I'm really into that colour at the moment, I didn't buy it, but wish I had now. Might have to go back to get it though.
Incidently the photo of the beads was taken with my new macro lens. I think it works perfectly.
Take care, and happy crafting.



chris said...

You sound like you had a nice time Debbie, I am very jealous of your new lenses, I will have to have a word with you as you seem to know what you're doing. Have fun with your purchases. love chris

Fleur said...

Hi, Debbie love the beads, I have a pandora bracelet, which is very similar. Mine is Black, Red and lots of silver I love it. I love the fact that you can pick beads for different occassions. I absolulty adore Mackenzie in Converse baseball boots, so for my 40th birthday she got me a bead with a little baseball boot on it, how cool is that. In fact one of my other fave pics I took is of a pair of her boots on the beach - i'll upload it. Sorry for waffling LOL Love your work & photos, and thanks for leaving me a comment.
Love Fleur

Anonymous said...

Debbie I'm so jealous of your two camera lenses! Can't wait to see your amazing photos...Abby:)

Rach said...

oooo Debbie, i am sooo jealous, i am hankering after some new lenses for my camera.. glad that the retail therapy worked sweetie.. i am going of to sulk now..
big hugs Rachxxx

louise said...

you have had a good shopping spree and I love what you bought see you soon louise xx

Lynsey said...

Hi Debbie so glad you had a good time shopping. The lens sound great that you got for your camera! Looking forward to seeing more pictures, no excuses now!
Love the beads.
Hugs Lynsey:)

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