Friday, 19 December 2008

Christmas Tree Kitty

Hiya cute is this, kittens in a Christmas christmas tree. Luckily it's 7 feet tall, and quite robust. But it does sway a little when all four of them are playing games in there. I took this photo yesterday. Three of the kittens will be leaving me after Christmas, but we are keeping one, can't resist them.

My son (Paul), his girlfriend (Jess) & her daughter (Ellie) are off to Dubai tomorrow for Christmas...lucky devils. I wish I was going, I could just do with a warm climate at this point in time. I hope they will have a fantastic time. They are visiting Jess' mother who lives out there, so I know they'll be in good company. I will miss him though, it's the first time he won't be here for Christmas dinner since he was born 24 years ago.



Roz said...

Awwww, that's really cute Debbie!! It would make a great Christmas card.
My dog likes laying under the tree, but she doesn't look quite so cute, lol.

Love Roz

Lynsey said...

Hi Debbie
What a great picture! I hope that you have a lovely family Christmas.
Hugs Lynsey :)

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