Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Crochet Revival

Hi All

I've been trying my hand at crochet over the last 24 hrs. I'm a bit rusty though. The last time I did anything crochet-like was many, many years ago. So long ago in fact that I think I was a child/teenager, when crochet poncho's were all the rage, if any of you remember. (Now come on, you remember don't you?) And it was a very long time ago wasn't it? We used to crochet multi-coloured squares and sew them all together into the afore mentioned poncho's, or even blankets to put over our beds, or on babies prams. Oh my God, I just had a flashback then, how ridiculous we must have looked. But after all the seventies was a ridiculous era when anything seemed to go...even when it so obviously didn't.

Anyway back to my attempts. Now I'm quite fond of the crochet flowers I keep seeing on cards all around the globe. So I got to thinking, like you do..... Mmmmmm .....
"I can do that".
So I dusted off my crochet hook, ( well actually I went out and bought a new one) and looked around for some yarn. We have a branch of John Lewis in Peterborough, that has a fabulous haberdashery department, which includes the very latest scrummy yarns. So after a good look round, I decided do buy three balls of Rowan Cotton Glace. It comes in the most delicious colours, which probably means I'll be back to buy some more in the not too distant future.

Here's my efforts:

Primitive I know, but this as all done from memory, which isn't bad going I think. However I do need to perfect my techique. And at least I'm enjoying my rekindled skill, and lets face it...I can only get better. I adore the lovely soft 'heathery tones' of these particular colours, they just seem to compliment each other so well.
So......If you have any tips, or tutorials you think might help me, I'd be grateful for the information. No doubt you'll be seeing them embellishing my cards in the very near future, when I think they're good enough that is.


Christine (Craftling) said...

Wow! These are gorgeous, and I love that tag!! :o) How much do you charge for lessons? ;o)

I do remember the days when crocheting tank tops and things was all the rage! I quite liked them!!! ;o)

Have seen some tutorials out there, so will keep an eye out for you.

Chris xx

Lynsey said...

These are great Debbie! Sorry I can't help, I'm not very good with wool. I did try making a scarf when I was pregnant but after starting and constantly dropping a stitch I gave up! I think I best stick to cards!
Hugs Lynsey :)

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