Friday, 30 October 2009


I've been browsing through old photos today, finding out what's on the umpteen discs I've got, and trying to organise them a little better.  So it's inevitable that I would come accross photo's I'd forgotten about, such as the one below......

Perfect for this time of year, this photo was taken of my daughter Sophie, several years ago (pre-DSLR).  In this instance I thought the dreaded 'red-eye' could stay.  I just love Halloween, but the children have banned me from dressing up and going out with them this year.  Instead we are going to a local firework display.  I'm taking my new Canon DSLR camera in the hope of trying it out on some firework shots, and as there is a fun fair too, hopefully I'll get loads more I can use for scrapping.



Desire Fourie said...

Gorgeously spooky photo. I agree, the red eyes actually makes for a dramatic photo. Looking forward to your firework photos.

Lynsey said...

What a fun picture Debbie! Hope you have a great time at the fireworks. Thanks for the lovely message you left about my brooches.
Hugs Lynsey x

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