Sunday, 26 September 2010

Mmmmmm.....never been good with excercise or diets. Hate that I've piled on the pounds tho.

Walking the dogs, standing up all day at work rather than sitting, and dancing has helped to shed a few lumps and bumps.

Forgot I have one of those 'sit up' rocker thingys, you know, it's supposed to make sit ups easier!!! We found it when we cleared the shed out, cold and shivering, unused, and unloved, covered in spiders webs aaaahhhhh. I'm making friends with it now, in the hope of being a nifty fifty. Wish me luck. xx


1 comment:

Nicola said...

Debbie I know what you mean. I'm getting closer to forty and just wish I could shed some pounds. Quiet active as I am a 1-2-1 TA but its when I get home I start the picking at bits!!! Hugs Nicola xx

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