Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Adopted Husky

Hi all

No cards today, but just thought I'd show a photo of Kia, my adopted husky. She's a seven year old who my brother had from a puppy. He found himself in circumstances where he could no longer keep her. Initially I was looking for a home for her, but couldn't find one in time, and didn't want her to go to a rescue centre.

So I told my brother to bring her over to me from where he was living in Wales with the intention that I would continue to search for a home for her.  I already have a Shih Tzu and three cats, and didn't think they would settle with her. 

But lo and behold things went much better than expected and within a week I already decided she was going to stay.  That was back in March.  Things just keep getting better and better between the animals, and the two dogs can even be found sleeping together from time to time. 

She's a beautiful dog and gets admiring looks wherever we go.  She's such a people magnet.  The staff in the local pet shop adore her, and always make a fuss of her.  So I thought I'd just share this photo I took of her yesterday.  Hope you like it.  If you have a pet you're proud of leave me a comment or link to a photo, and I will pop over and take a look. 

Take care, and thank you for visiting me today.



Rach said...

Debbie she is stunning, gorgeous eyes.xx
Hugz Rach xxx

Nicola said...

Debbie she is soooo cute and those blue eyes. No wonder she is a magnet for people. Nicky xx

Val said...

Hi Debbie

What a beautiful dog - I'm so pleased to hear that she has settled with you. What a joy.


PS: Although I don't mind dogs around me, I am defintely a fur baby person, and my cats rule our lives!

louise said...

I can see why she gets the looks, she is beautiful.
louise xx

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